Friday, April 27, 2012

Managing an E-Learning Project

Most rapid e learning teams comprise of 5-10 members, with at the most, 3 members involved in a single project.
From whatever experience I have, the Subject matter expert is usually someone who has little idea about the e learning aspect of the project. Therefore, it calls for some (standardized) efforts to manage your e learning project, and make it clear to your SME on the expectations from both sides.
The way of managing an e-learning project heavily depends on your way of working methodology. But here are some tips to build your own project plan – 
 Chunk It Up!
From getting a request to providing the e learning output, try and identify the key deliverables, and each deliverable can make a project phase.
You may also need to provide a sample storyboard to make your SME understand what to expect out of a storyboard.
By When?
Moving aside all the `It Depends’ factors, here is a rough estimate. Learning pedagogy recommends that you don’t plan for a course lasting more than 40 mins. The ideal time is 20 minutes.

For making a 30 min course (average), you might have to spend a week for initial discussion and storyboarding, and three weeks for building a course. Further review and iterations might go on for 2 weeks. So , most probably, your e learning project for a single module will span for 1.5 months.

The success, of course, lies in continuous improvement. Run a project plan and re visit it after the completion of a project, and see where you can improve.

Happy project planning!