Friday, March 30, 2012

Branding Your E Learning Courses

There are many ways to give the company’s look and feel to the e learning course.
In case you are publishing in Articulate, adding the logo in the logo panel would be the easiest way to make your logo visible. Having the same template inside the power point area is nice, but the disadvantage is that it minimizes your creative zone.
But you can of course, work around your way through it. One way would be to use the exact color scheme in your work. But how accurately can one do it? Will eye judgment suffice? For people who are ultra color sensitive, its good. But the rest of the people (like me) need not worry. All you need is a color picking tool.
I use FastStone Capture, an easy screen capturing tool to help me in this mission.
You can use any other tool, provided it has a color picker. Using the color picker, click on the key colors used in the brand.
In this example, I have tried to develop an e learning course template based on the `E Learning Heroes’ website, powered by the Articulate.
The first step here to use the color picker, and note down the key colors. In this example, let us concentrate on the middle blue panel.
Once you pick the color, it will give you the RGB components.
In this case, RGB is 206, 234, 253.
Similarly, pick a few random colors and note down their RGB numbers.
Now, in Power Point, draw an object, and fill it with the same color.

Using this method, you can achieve the same color scheme as that of your parent website / company colors. While a screenshot may not be of good quality, the power point images are vector objects, and therefore do not suffer from quality loss when enlarged.
I have used this technique to create a power point template based on Articulate’s E learning Heroes website.

All the objects have been created fully in Power Point, and the trick of course lies in giving the same color gradients. 
You can download the template from here.
So just like this, you can build your own e learning template that goes perfectly with the corporate branding of the company!
Happy branding!

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