Friday, June 8, 2012

To G Or Not To G?

With gaming being the hot buzz word in the e learning zones, a gamed up course is every instructional designer’s fancy dream.
But does every course demand a game mode for capturing user attention? To see if a game mode facilitates learning is a matter for research. Setting aside all the `it depends’ factors and research stats, I have tried to build a survey form. The survey takes into account various factors, and tries to solve our `To G or Not to G’ confusion.
I have consciously avoided the financial aspect in the survey form, but tried to include all other possible ones. But this is not an absolute indicator, and nothing is superior to your (or the team’s) instincts. The survey is just an `indicator’ to help you to analyze the possibility by taking into account as many factors as possible.
The survey was also an excuse for me to mark my debut experiment with triggers and variables. But I was not able to give a `Click only one’ option trigger. In case you have a work around for that, please let me know!
Go ahead and take the survey, and let me know your feedback.  

PS - The survey was done in my latest crush - Articulate Storyline.
Since a conventional quiz does not give this result, I have tried to simulate a quiz by using (and experimenting) with triggers and variables. Hope you like it! :)

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